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Timeshare Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a timeshare is a great way to both try a timeshare without the commitment and enjoy a great vacation experience. When you rent a timeshare at Marriott’s Grande Vista, for example, you’ll stay in luxury villas and have access amenities like the on-site golf course and restaurants.

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about timeshare rentals. If you don’t see the answer to your question, call us at 1-855-793-8210 to speak with one of our timeshare rental specialists.

Timeshare Renter Questions

Why do timeshare owners rent out their timeshares?

Timeshare owners typically rent out their timeshare when they find that they are unable to use it one year due to scheduling or other issues. Owners may also rent out their vacation property because they no longer use it and are trying to sell it, but do not yet have a buyer. Either way, renting out their timeshares is beneficial to owners because they can put the amount they receive in rental fees toward their annual maintenance fees and taxes.

What are the benefits of renting timeshares?

When you rent timeshare, you’re able to enjoy spacious accommodations for much less than a costly hotel room. You’ll also have access to the same resort amenities as the timeshare owner from whom you rented. Timeshare resorts are often much more luxurious than the average overpriced hotel or motel. Renting a timeshare is not only an affordable way to vacation, but also a great way to try a resort before buying a timeshare there or to learn more about timeshares in general.

Are timeshare rentals only available in one- or two-week intervals?

No. In fact, you can often rent timeshare for just a few nights or even a single night. The timeshare owner decides how many nights he or she rents out. Although most timeshare owners who want to rent their unit or interval would prefer to rent the entire number of nights owned, they generally understand the value of renting at least part of their time. Owners often become highly negotiable about the rental stay and price as their scheduled use date nears.

Can I find last-minute timeshare rentals?

Yes, you can find last-minute rentals from owners who thought they were using their own timeshare but found out at the last minute that they won’t be able to. can help you find available rentals, even on short notice.

How do I know there will actually be a timeshare available when I arrive at the resort?

When you rent a timeshare, both you and the owner sign a rental agreement prior to the timeshare rental period you agreed upon. Both parties are protected by this timeshare rental agreement. As the renter, you will pay in full for your rental per the terms of your agreement. The owner will then contact the timeshare resort to notify them that you’ll be staying during the specified period, and will obtain either a confirmation number or guest passes for you. It is important that both the renter and the timeshare owner have copies of the agreement. Completing a timeshare rental agreement ensures that the timeshare owner receives payment for the use of the timeshare and guarantees the renter a reserved timeshare in his or her name.

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